Pühajärve Boat Harbor

Row gently, arrive eventually at Pühajärv

Suvi on alanud, oleme avatud!

You can rent a watercraft from Pühajärve Boat Harbor even in the off-season! To do this, please contact us by e-mail or phone first. If you want to rent a boat or pedal boat for fishing, contact us and we will agree on a daily price.

Watercraft rental on Pühajärv

Tired of the city life? Pühajärve Boat Harbor is the best place to get rid of it. Row a boat or enjoy the picturesque views with family or friends from a pedal boat.

Try yourself on a SUP board or a surfbike.

We rent out various watercrafts for fun on lake Pühajärv. Whether it's a rowing boat, canoe, surfbike, pedal boat, SUP board or kayak. 



Fishing gear rental

The Pühajärve Boat Harbor team have a lot of experience and knowledge of the lakes fish. Our team has caught all the fish that live in the lake and we try to be a local guideposts in recreational fishing.

We rent out sets of fishing gear for cane pole or spinning fishing. If desired, we also teach the art of fishing.



One of the best boat rentals in Estonia. A wonderful lake with its small islands. The employees are extremely friendly and helpful. All watercraft powered by human power are available from the Pühajärv boat harbor. The rowing boats are so clean you'd be ashamed to wear shoes.


Kalle Matsik


Experiences on the magical lake Pühajärv!

From Pühajärv watercraft rental, you can rent rowboats, canoes, pedal boats, SUP boards and surfbikes, for riding on lake Pühajärv during the summer season.

The beautiful Pühajärve beach is right there with clean beach sand, a swimming bridge, beach volleyball courts, children's playgrounds and gazebos. Stomach filling can be obtained from Pühajärve spa or GMP.

Come and have a healthy and pleasant time!


We are open from 1. June - 31. August

Opening times


Ranna tee 5, Otepää, 67408, Valga County


+372 506 7240 info@paadikas.ee

The history of Pühajärve Boat Harbor

Boat rental has historically been on lake Pühajärv for more than 60 years. We can even say that we are a historical tourism service that has been able to function in very different formats despite the often changing economic life and regime.


The thread of our life actually started in the park of Pühajärve manor. The Otepää Lifeguard Station, which was one of the six lifeguard stations in Estonia at the time, brought us to the current location on the north shore of Lake Pühajärv. In our services, you could find eight rowing boats and one recreational motorboat Dori. This was completely enough to attract the most important heads of the state system at that time. In a short time, you could drive past islands Sõsarsaar and Kloostrisaar. Sometimes a fishing line was thrown into the water near the islands when there was time, and legends were told about the lake and the mystical islands located there. Of course, a lot was also inherited from the local lifeguards, because they had many different stories and experiences. Since Pühajärv and its surroundings were a well-known place at that time as a vacation spot for creative people, so-called ordinary people also started visiting here. The demand increased, and the word about the peace and beautiful nature there began to spread more and more throughout Maarjamaa. Therefore, in a couple of years, a neat and eye-catching boat bridge and a rental building were built approximately where the bungalow is now. For the next twenty years, the service was provided consistently, because people came to Pühajärve beach from further away and even went by bus, so people came to enjoy the boat ride as well.


Vello Meema, a staid lifeguard and nordic combined competitor, also enjoyed his work and Pühajärv. The year 1989 is significant in the history of both Estonia and Pühajärve Boat Harbor, because the people's persistent struggle against the oppressive state order also motivated Vello to be even more active in the social life of Otepää. In the process of privatization, some companies that are still successful today were started, and Pühajärve Boat Harbor also started thanks to Vello. He came to the purchase decision quickly, because through privatization, Vello was able to carry forward the sphere of work that had become close to his heart - keeping Pühajärv, valuing it and showing the eyes of the Boat Harbor to people from further afield.


The beginning was very interesting and uplifting, because finally you could work and struggle for yourself and have a legacy to pass on. It was pure joy to bring joy to the local people as well as people from other places through Paadisadama, because there was no negative attitude anywhere, and the satisfaction and enjoyment of the people was only water to the mill of Paadisadam. By the beginning of the new millennium, Pühajärve beach had become so successful that the municipality saw the potential for its expansion. This is how Pühajärve Boat Harbor moved from the old place, where the beach and bungalow are now, a little further back, where you can find us to this day. Building rights were also signed for the property, and in the current boathouse you can find many different means of sailing on Pühajärv.


For the past 3 years, the operator and owner has been Aivo, the eldest son of the former owner and mainstay of the Boat Harbor, Vello. We have set ourselves the goal of promoting the lake with a nature-friendly tourism service, while preserving the environment and tidying up the beach area as much as possible. The first two years of operation were quieter due to the effects of corona, but despite this we are operating strongly. Row gently, arrive eventually at Pühajärv. See you at the Boat Harbor!

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OÜ Pühajärve Paadisadam submitted a request for project support to the Partnership Council of Valgamaa in 2022 as part of measure 1.1, the aim of which is to make Pühajärve boat harbor more attractive to visitors. A modern customer area, a SUP board holder, storage lockers and a multi-activity activity wall for visitors will be built. As a result of the project, the boat harbor area has been designed as a unified whole with the entire Pühajärv reconstructed public beach area, and the customer has been directed to consume various services in the experience offering customer area.